M.Tech. Thesis Supervised

  1. Designing and optimization of digital IIR filters using hybrid sine cosine algorithm, Ms. Shikha Sharma, July, 2017.

  2. Design of digital FIR filter using Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm, Ms. Navdeep Kaur Sidhu, July, 2017.

  3. Ion motion optimization based economic load dispatch of electric power system, Mr. Saurabh Kumar Singh, July, 2016.

  4. Water cycle optimization technique for short-range fixed-head hydrothermal scheduling, Mr. Ashok Kumar, July 2016.

  5. Artificial bee colony optimization technique for the design of digital filter, Mr. Animesh Nagrare, August,2015.

  6. Digital IIR filter design using differential evolution algorithm - Mr. Shalabh Kumar Aggarwal, July,2014.

  7. Economic dispatch using Particle Swarm Optimization - Mr. Parveen Kumar, July,2014.

  8. Hybrid simplex method for optimizing economic load dispatch problem - Arun Kumar Gangwar, July,2013.

  9. Biogeography based optimization for optimal hydrothermal scheduling - Manu Maheshwari, July,2013.

  10. Group search optimizer for economic load dispatch problem - Farheen Chishti, July,2013.

  11. Steepest decent method for economic load dispatch- Arun Sandhu, SLIET, Longowal, July,2012.

  12. Heuristic search method for hydrothermal generation scheduling – Ombeer Saini, SLIET, Longowal, July,2012.

  13. Fixed-head hydrothermal generation scheduling using differential evolution method-Niranjan Kumar,SLIET,Longowal, July,2011.

  14. Variable-head generation scheduling using differential evolution method-Vinod Kumar Mehta,SLIET,Longowal, July,2011.

  15. Differential evolution algorithm for optimization problems- Mukesh Kumar, SLIET, Longowal, July,2010.

  16. Particle swarm optimization algorithm for optimization problems- Om Prakash, SLIET, Longowal, July,2010.

  17. Gradient based methods for optimization problem – Anshul Varshney, SLIET, Longowal, July,2010.

  18. Real Coded Genetic algorithm for optimization problem– Amit Kushwaha, SLIET, Longowal, September,2009.

  19. Evolutionary programming for multiobjective optimization problem- Ramandeep Kaur Bhandohal , SLIET, Longowal, July,2009.

  20. Interactive multi-objective optimization using Evolutionary search method- Mandeep Singh,  SLIET, Longowal, July,2008.

  21. Multiobjective optimization problem using Surrogate Worth Trade-off Method – Dharmesh Kumar, SLIET, Longowal, July,2008.

  22. Genetic algorithm based training of neural networks - Raj Kumar Garg, SLIET, Longowal, July,2005.

  23. Fuzzy decision making for interactive multi-objective optimization problem - Jaspal Singh Aujla, SLIET, Longowal, July,2005.

  24. Multicriterion optimization approach to the design of digital filters- Ranjit Kaur, SLIET, Longowal, July,2004.

  25. Evolutionary Programming for optimal control problem - Nirbhow Jap Singh, SLIET, Longowal, July,2004.

  26. Artificial Neural Network: An Art of Decision Making - Manbir Kaur, TIET, Patiala, December,1992.

  27. Personal Computer Based Data Acquisition System - Harish Kumar Manchanda, TIET, Patiala, June,1992.

  28. Optimal Thermal Power Dispatch Using Direct Method - Mal Singh Sandhu, TIET, Patiala, May,1992.

  29. Multi-objective Programming software for power engineers - Bijay Shanker Mishra, TIET, Patiala, May,1992.

  30. 2nd order Geometrically Continuous Curves and Surfaces Using Catmull-Rom Splines - Ram Kumar, TIET, Patiala, March,1992.

  31. Artificial Neural Networks: State-of-The-Art - J.S. Bhatia, TIET Patiala,1991.